The best album I've ever heard”

— Matthew Haggith (Freelance Art Evangelist)

Turning Point

ReleasED MARCH 2018

This long-awaited 2018 Claire Hazzard release featuring 11 new tracks plus a brand new 20-year rewrite of her signature song "The Field". Produced, recorded and performed entirely by Hazzard, this album pushes Claire's sound into a new realm of captivating truth-telling, combining an array of electronic sounds with her classic acoustic songwriting style. Pulling less punches than ever before, this album is a powerful message directed to the church in western culture, urging us to consider the danger of our rapid decline into living just like the world. If you only ever buy one Claire Hazzard album, buy this one. A turning point album where Hazzard's full creative energy finally breaks through, this is the album which will define the sound and soul of Claire Hazzard music for decades to come.

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Claire Hazzard Music is an entirely non-profit ministry and the maintenance of this music ministry costs Claire and her family more than the income generated by the music. She doesn't complain about this, in fact, she loves seeing God provide in creative and amazing ways! If you would like to donate to this ministry, your money will be used for things like studio fees, album production costs, maintenance of this website, and purchases of music-related software and equipment.